Episodes from 2014

  • Winter 2014
  • 1:24:38

    Episode 15.5 (1/13/14)

    It's an email cast! We had some leftovers from the last episode, and a WHOLE bunch from this one, so that's what we dedicate most of our time to (and most of the reason why we have another hour-plus half-episode). There's also some stuff about dragons that tore their own wings off and then cried about it (or something like that), Arby's vs. Wendy's (which is slightly more relevant than it sounds) and more! Come join us!
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    Episode 16

    Was there an episode 16?
  • 1:17:12

    Episode 16.5 (1/26/14)

    Emails are somewhere in this half-episode, but it's sandwiched in between discussions of Epic Rap Battles, Dr. Emmet Brown vs. Dr. Who, and Kenson's reaction to New Internet Comedy Videos Concerning Furry Super Heroes... Just... just listen and enjoy the awkwardness!
  • 2:09:45

    Episode 17 (2/3/14)

    They say money can't buy you love, and we found that out when our bribes to get Shaboigan and Crux to come on the show didn't end up working at all! Luckily, they decided to appear for FREE!! This week's episode is the last full one before Valentine's Day, so we take a close look at how relationships between macros, micros, and combinations thereof would work, as well as things that those of us who are fans of things big and small can do to make a relationship both exciting and romantic.

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What's the most romantic thing you can think of that a macro or micro could do for somebody that a normal-sized person couldn't?

  • 1:27:41

    Episode 17.5 (2/10/14)

    In this half-episode, we talk about the Olympics, Russia, and the Lego Movie (what a combo) and read your answers to our question on what would be the best gift a macro/micro could give their lover that a normal-sized person wouldn't be able to. Also, for next week, as it's the week before TFF, we'll be doing something a little special. Write in to us with any questions you have for us or anything you'd like to have us talk about! Anything at all, in-character or out. The only rule is that you must either direct it to one of us specifically OR direct it to the group as a whole. We look forward to answering whatever you guys want to know!
  • 1:54:50

    Episode 17.5.5 (2/19/14)

    So it's up late, and I didn't really have time to fully edit it like I normally do (you're basically just getting a raw version of the Skype call with some EQ applied) but here it is, Episode 17.5.5, the livestream episode where we answered all sorts of questions that were sent in by you, our wonderful listeners.
  • 1:22:38

    Episode 18 - LIVE! (2/24/14)

    Direct from Texas Furry Fiesta at the Hotel Intercontinental Dallas, it's Size Matters LIVE!! Host Kwandry Baasher and Kenson Shimobe are joined by special guest Kitsune Kitto discuss macro/micro heroes and villans (since that was the con's theme and all). We talk about our own ideas for the subject and then get help from the audience with a fairly long and eventful question and answer session! Special thanks to Ty husky for his help getting the audio files for this, and look for the video from the con soon! Have questions, suggestions, or things you just want to say? Email us at sizematterspodcast@gmail.com
  • Spring 2014
  • 53:33

    Episode 18.5 (3/3/14)

    In Episode 18.5, we deal with both technical snafus as well as spammers while trying to stream while recording, talk about video games (especially concerning JRPG tropes) for some reason, wrap up after Texas Furry Fiesta, and try to coax our audience into asking us some questions. NOTE: the panda's audio was accidentally not recorded for the first few minutes of the podcast, so forgive us if that part is a little confusing.
  • ??:??

    Episode 19 (4/9/14)

    It's been a long time coming -- almost exactly a month, actually -- but here it is, episode 19, the second episode in our history series! This episode, Cimmaron joins us to talk about his favorite subject: alternate history, and how macros and micros would cause specific moments in our history to have occurred differently, and just what situations and scenarios they'd be best suited for. NOTE: we do spend a fair amount of time discussing some sensitive subjects that might hit a little close to home, especially September 11th, so be forewarned about that before going in.

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you could travel back in time on one specific date and time and could choose to be any size, but you could only spend exactly 12 hours at that time and you couldn't change your height from what you picked, when would you travel to, how big/small would you be, and why?

  • 47:29

    Episode π (4/10/14)

    Another blast from the "we recorded this a while ago" vault, this is not only overdue to be posted, but it's DRAGONIEN'S FINAL EPISODE!! Against the advice of everyone, we give the dragon the keys to the podcast for the show, as he says goodby, as only a dragon can... by burning down the podcast and all of our listeners.

    PODCAST NEWS: We'll be recording Thursday night (4/10) with our NEW MYSTERY SPECIAL CO-HOST, for the episode to be released Monday April 14, so if you have an answer to yesterday's question of the week, or want to write in for any other reason, make sure to get that in by 8pm US Central Time! Send all emails to sizematterspodcast@gmail.com

  • 1:35:17

    Episode 19.5 (4/14/14)

    It's our first time recording in nearly a month, and not only do we come together to answer some emails and continue our discussion on alternative history scenarios that we started in Episode 19, but we are joined by our new co-host, the one and onlye... well, you'll just have to listen to the actual episode to find out! n_n
  • 1:39:40

    Godzillacast - WARNING: SPOILERS - (5/20/14)

    Did you think that we wouldn't have anything to say about Godzilla? Well, we do -- the two of us who saw it anyways. Warning: We talk openly about all aspects of the film, so if you haven't seen it yet and are concerned about spoilers, then you best just not play this one, as that's pretty much all this episode is. Don't worry, we'll have another full episode (that the panda has been sitting on to keep it warm until it's ready to hatch) available real soon!