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  • Summer 2013
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    Episode 1

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    Episode 2 (7/22/13)

    On the second episode of Size Matters, Kwandry and Kenson are joined by writer Sylvan Scott, as they discuss his twenty years of macro/micro fiction, as well as shrinking and growing in Saturday Morning Cartoons.

    Of course, we couldn't record a macro/micro podcast without tlking a little bit about our good friend Godzilla and Pacific Rim, now could we?

    Special thanks to Sofia.exe and Daniel Dennis for their help with this episode.

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    Episode 3 (7/29/13)

    Facing slow internet speeds, scheduling conflicts, collisions with motor vehicles, and technical snafus, our heroes overcome all odds and deliver Episode 3 of Size Matters on time and in style. On this week's episodem StarryAqua joins Kwandry and Kenson to try and discover what leads up to someone being a fan of things big and smalle, as well as to discuss different species and character traits you just don't see that often in the macro/micro community.
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    Episode 4 (8/5/13)

    Guests? We don't need no stinkin' guests!! Kwandry and Kenson go it solo this week to discuss video games featuring macros, micros, stomps, rampaging, and just an overall sense of scale. We then debut our new (hopefully recurring) segment, "Macro Do's and Don'ts). And there's a new theme song this week. I hope you like it. PLEASE DON'T SUE US UNIVERSAL!!
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    Episode 5 (8/12/13)

    Longtime macro artist Tyrnn Eaveranth joins our two fearless hosts to talk about the things that an aspiring macro artist needs to know, such as how to start drawing, the importance of perseverance, and different kinds of critique. We also discuss the math and figures behind some of our favorite Macro Facts. It's the longest episode yet, so make sure you block out plenty of time in your schedule!
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    Episode 6 (8/19/13)

    This week, Kwandry and Kenson connect up with Singapore MacroFur Jayne Folest, who joins us to talk about the Japanese television genre known as "Special Effects" shows, and the sizable amount of macro content within them. Each of us then goes into a little more detail involving our characters and how we chose our species and design. There's only one podcast and so many macro and micro fans out there who want some, so grab your episode now, before it's too late!
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    An Important Size Matters Announcement (8/26/2013)

    With the coming of fall, Size Matters is switching to a biweekly format. Listen to this little clip to find out why. As a bonus, we've included a reading of "Impact" by Sylvan Scott, the story that was written about Kenson that we mentioned in Episode 4. Next week, we'll be talking about macros and micros in school. Send us your questions and ideas now at sizematterspodcast@gmail.com! See ya then!
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    Episode 7 (9/2/2013)

    Back to school time! Make sure your backpack is in good shape, get a few new Trapper Keepers, and, oh yeah, make room in the hallways for massive panda and cheetah paws coming through, because Kenson and Kwandry are going to discuss the concept of macros in school.
  • 32:21

    Size Matters Interlude - 9/9/13

    We answer mail from Episode 7, preview Episode 8 featuring special guest Freder, and then as a bonus, hear a reading of the short story "My Mistake" by Kwandry.
  • Fall 2013
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    Episode 8 - 9/30/13

    No, we haven't disappeared! We've been here all along, just under your footpaw! Can't blame a panda or a cheetah for trying life as ultra-mini-micros for a while now, can you? Well, the good news is, now we're back to where the audio recording equipment can pick up the sounds of our voices, and we're joined by Freder this week to talk about the new macro/micro-themed magazine Loom that he's put together, as well as have a discussion about macro and micro ergonomics. And don't worry, Size Matters will always be with you... in your heart. Because we've shrunk down, invaded your blood stream, and are taking a tour!
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    Size Matters Episode 8.5 - 10/7/13

    After ten weeks and a non-stop flood of emails, we decided that the only way we can stop the outpouring was to invite its source, Dragonien Hitsune, to be the third co-host of the podcast. During this mini-episode, we talk about... well, what DON'T we talk about? Ummm... Apartheid... Sandwiches... The Hagia Sophia... okay, this list actually would be pretty long. Just... listen and find out.
  • 2:22:04

    Episode 9 (10/14/13)

    The Three Macramigos return and are here to talk to you about the Short Stories and Tall Tales Writers Group, as well as MACROS (and micros) IN SPAAAACE! For those of you who don't quite get that, it's a reference to the Muppet Show. For those of you who don't know what a Muppet is, it's a mix between a mop and a puppet that people used to think were funny for reasons beyond my comprehension. Anywho... PODCAST START!
  • 15:36

    Pokemon Matters (10/21/13)

    At least we put this tangent in its own episode...
  • 1:20

    Episode 9.5 (10/21/13)

    If there's one thing we can say, it's that we give our audience what they want...
  • 28:32

    Size Matters Episode 9.5 (10/21/13)

    Okay, when we really sit down and get talkin'... well, we didn't get much more done than in the "short" one, now did we? Maybe you guys have a point...
  • 1:32:37

    Episode 10 (10/28/13)

    Our tenth episode spectacular is upon us, and who do we have to join us to celebrate but the one and only big cougar himself, Elrabin! During this episode, we look back on past topics and see if we have any new perspectives on them. And we use a newfangled invention called a CLOCK! Who'da thunk that someone would create an instrument that lets you tell time, huh?
  • Winter 2013
  • 30:09

    Size Matters Episode 10.5 - 11/4/13

    We talk some more about the approaching MFF Size Matters Spectacular (boy, I'm really setting everyone up for disappointment there, aren't I?), read some emails (GUYS WE ACTUALLY GOT EMAILS!!) and continue to be our big goofy selves.
  • 21:15

    "Tangents Matter" (11/4/13)

    Okay, so I guess this is kinda becoming a trend...Those of you who don't have a lot of time should probably listen to the OTHER episode. Ya know, the REAL one.
  • 1:44:07

    Episode 11 - 11/11/13

    Sports. No wait! Don't go!! I ... ah geez, we just lost all of our listeners. Darn sports-hating furries don't know what they're missing. ANYwho... Jakebe joins us as we talk about SPORTS! And, appropriately enough for our podcast, how Macros/Micros would affect them! Let's KICK IT OFF!
  • 45:48

    Episode 11.5 (11/18/13)

    In our last mini-episode before MIDWEST FURFEST, Kenson continues to get more vorey, Dragonien roars and gets ranty, and Kwandry lets loose and gets tipsy. It's... well, it's worth a listen, at least.
  • 26:57

    Episode 12.5 - 12/2/13

    Okay, so thanksgiving is over and we're all still suffering from Post-Con Crud, so here is a special combo cast, with half of it consisting of the tech rehearsal we did before the live show, and the other half consisting of a recording of Noxxy's story "A Debunked Theory: Part II". I hope you enjoy!
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    Episode 13 (12/9/13)

    Okay, so it's a few days late (with good excuse), but here's Episode 13 of Size Matters! Kenson's not here, but we have special guest Zev Kaiserman here to keep us company and talk about Macro Holidays! Come on in, sit down by the fire, and open your presents as we start talking!
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    Episode 14 (12/23/13)

    Kwandry and Kenson are joined by very special guest Harvey Fierstrin to talk about his new-- wait, what's that? You say that's Dragonien?!! No way, that can't be possible! That voice... Wow... well, in that case, I guess we'll have to get Tauros to fill in, and because he has a Masters in Psychology, we're going to talk about just that! Of course, since we're SIZE MATTERS, it's going to be psychology of things big and small! Let's see if you can ANALYZE THIS!
  • 1:18:16

    Episode 14.5 - 12/30/13

    Yes, it's a little long, but it's our last episode of the year, so join us as we read some emails, then remminisce on the year that was 2013, as well as look forward to what 2014 has in store for us.